Where do the eutectic plates go and how many go into each container?
Where do the divider trays go in a container?
How do you open and close the container door?
Can it be picked up with a pallet truck?
How many eutectic plates do you need to put into each container?
Can the plates be used for both fresh and frozen products?
How do the plates need to be prepared before inserting into the container?
How long can the temperature be kept constant in a container using plates?
How should the container be lifted and anchored to a van?
What is ATP certification?
What products are included in the ATP?
How long will it take to receive the ATP certificate once I purchase the container?
Can I travel outside of Spain with my ATP certificate?
How often do I need to renew the certificate?
And after I buy a container, how can I have it maintained or repaired?