Insulated and Temperature-Controlled Containers

The preservation of the cold chain, freshness and original properties of food is a fundamental task. For this, those who work in areas such as catering, catering, kitchens, pharmacy or are self-employed, require isothermal containers. This way they can ensure the ideal conditions of their products for longer.

We develop solutions adapted to your needs

Concerned about modern demands for more stringent regulations on food transport and preservation, we at Tatoma continue to develop effective solutions. For this reason, we offer you our range of isothermal containers made from injected polyurethane reinforced with galvanised steel.

These sophisticated pieces of Spanish engineering are manufactured for industrial handling, as they can store from 450 l to 1760 l. They are transportable pieces with square or rectangular designs to optimize the space that include pallets or wheels for better handling, automatic defrosting and also have superior compressors.

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