Maintenance Service

There are three facilities devoted to after-sales service and the maintenance of your containers, mainly distribution trolleys and insulated and temperature-controlled containers, located in Cordoba, Tarragona and Huesca. ATP certification renewals are also conducted, with a complete inspection of your container. In the case of insulated and temperature-controlled containers, we conduct all tests and carry out all repairs needed for renewal of ATP certification. This inspection is certified by an accredited entity (TÜV), which renews the validity of the containers for three years and cancelling their expiry.


Restyling Service

Restyling maintenance of insulated and temperature-controlled containers consists of the following operations:

  • Replacement of bases.
  • Replacement of the four corner angles.
  • Replacement of lateral reinforcement.
  • Replacement of the two lower corners.
  • Replacement of the lower U channel (profile) on the door.
  • Replacement of door equipment (handles, locks, U channels, etc.).
  • Replacement of the four caster wheels.
  • Replacement of rivets.
  • Container exterior repainting.
  • Respraying of all galvanized metal pieces.
  • Repair of dents with filler.
  • Incorporation of a tag onto each container.
  • RFID management of containers.
  • Interior cleaning.
  • Transport for collection and delivery of containers included.

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We offer the possibility of hiring insulated or temperature-controlled containers for temporary uses, including events.

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Used insulated and temperature-controlled containers

We sometimes have used containers available. All are re-inspected to ensure they are in optimum condition, but with a discounted final price because of their previous use. If you are interested, please contact us to see if there is any stock or availability of these products.

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