Containers for Distribution

All our insulated and temperature-controlled containers come with ATP certification and are approved for use. Perfect for the transport and storage of perishable products, such as fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

The integrated heating and cooling systems are complemented by a well-designed interior that promotes air flow. As a result, perishable and temperature-sensitive foods are kept intact. The programmable temperature settings range from 0ºC to 12ºC.

With the efficient organization of your storage facilities in mind, we have equipped our containers with RFID for tracking at all times, and so that know what they contain and any other important information. In conjunction with suitable management software, this technology makes it easy to identify and replace goods.

Moreover, for sole traders and the pharmaceutical industry, our insulated and temperature-controlled containers come with ATP certification. These practical, well-built and easy-to-track containers with a strong and lasting frame are endorsed by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and other entities connected to these sectors.

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