How to use eutectic plates

Most Grupo Tatoma insulated containers are IR class (heavily insulated equipment). This class allows the transport of perishable foodstuffs, both fresh and frozen, in compliance with current laws.

The eutectic plate prolongs the ability to maintain the natural temperature of the insulated container.

The number of plates and autonomy time of the containers mainly depend on two factors – the outdoor temperature, and the fact that the door is opened several times during a delivery.

Under hot conditions, such as in summer, at least 2–3 plates should be used for fresh products and 4 plates for frozen.

Depending on your geographic area, you may need another one or more, or you may need to use fewer of them.

In conditions where there is less difference between the product temperature and the outdoor temperature, as in winter, the number of plates can be reduced, typically only two being required for both fresh and frozen products.

The duration of the effect of the plates will also be conditioned by the same factors. According to our studies and certifications, the duration tends to be eight hours, stretching to ten with the most favourable outdoor temperatures.