Containers for Sole Traders

Sole traders working in the food delivery and catering industries need solutions suited to their customers. Given the increasingly stringent demands on the food industry and for the correct storage of food products, insulated and temperature-controlled containers for sole traders comply with the strictest standards.

If you work as a sole trader in the hospitality industry and need to store your products in the best conditions, our containers are ideal for you. These containers equipped with advanced refrigeration/heating technology and an auto-defrosting system can be safely transported and unloaded, and have a 450–800-litre storage capacity.

Optimized design for your job

They are designed using injected polyurethane to guarantee insulation of the interior and galvanized steel to protect the exterior. Their easy handling allows them to be carried in vans, refrigerated trucks and other suitable means of transport. For increased mobility, they are equipped with a pallet system and can come with caster wheels.

Our insulated and temperature-controlled containers are an excellent logistics solution that allow you to guarantee satisfactory delivery of hot or cold products. We offer your business the best, equipment, featuring advanced technology and efficient air flow, and complete with certification, to strengthen your reputation.

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