History of Grupo Tatoma – insulated and temperature-controlled containers

Grupo Tatoma launched its first model of insulated container in 2009, after two long years of testing, prototypes, cold tunnel tests, certifications, etc. The 800L model was released with IR class (heavily insulated equipment) ATP certification as a quality and attractively priced product.

This titanic effort resulted in our first order for 3,000 units to be delivered over three years to a reputed distribution company.

The first version of the 450L model appeared two years later, which would be joined by the 700L model a year later.

In only eight years, we have now earned the trust of the more than 200 customers who have purchased our containers, and we export to nine countries, including Italy, France, Portugal, China and Brazil. Moreover, in an endeavour to meet the needs of our customers, we also have more than ten different models, giving a choice between traditional insulated containers and temperature-controlled containers, which come in many different sizes.

In keeping with our company strategy, we will be releasing 25 different models into the market in the coming four years, with special emphasis on meeting the needs of sole traders and large-scale distribution companies.

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