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Eutectic plate for fresh products.

+ Technical characteristics

Our eutectic plate for fresh products is an essential accessory for keeping temperature constant. Eutectic plates are used jointly with insulated containers to ensure a reliable cold chain. Cold release is gradual, allowing storage for an extended period. This accessory is reusable and compatible with any means of transport. Two plates are normally sufficient to maintain temperatures stable for more than eight hours of delivery time. More plates can be added to your insulated container depending on the size and weather conditions. The recommended freezing time is 24 hours. The plates should be frozen at -18ºC to ensure optimum results.



480 x 280 x 40mm.

Weight of filled plates:


Liquid volume:

3.6 litres.

Liquid type:


Recommended freezing temperature: 

-18°C for storage at 3–4ºC and up to 8ºC .

Freezing time: 

24 hours

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